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SMART TRAY© developed and designed by Jack Hamer & Son Ltd.

The SMART TRAY© is the only cavity tray system available in the UK that can be installed via a single cut in the masonry. See Gallery >

Traditional cavity trays which are fitted after the wall has been built usually require a minimum removal of two courses of bricks above the affected area. Due to mortar colours and salting of new cement works, the result can be very unsightly.

As the SMART TRAY© is fitted through a single cut, brickwork is left in most cases unaffected. The only visible signs of the works are the front tray edge and the weep holes, usually at two brick intervals.

Due to its unique design, the SMART TRAY© offers a neat and effective cure for penetrating damp. It can also be fitted in a fraction of the time required for a traditional cavity tray and this is reflected in a very competitive installation cost.

The SMART TRAY© comes in two formats:

  1. Standard, for typical window/door applications or
  2. With integral flashing tray, for use over roof elevations such as conservatories, extensions, etc.

The SMART TRAY© can also eliminate the need for costly and intrusive 'stepped' cavity trays. But may also be fitted in a stepped sequence should this prove to be the best solution for that particular installation.

The SMART TRAY© is simply installed parallel to the roof plane, leaving a simple soaker arrangement being the only required leadwork.

The SMART TRAY© can also be installed in chimney stacks which are suffering from penetrating dampness.

The Tray creates a barrier to prevent ongoing soaking problems of weathered stacks, a common problem on older properties in particular stacks that are sited close to an interior ceiling or new loft conversion, which needs to be damproof.

Patent No. GB2371568

The SMART TRAY© cavity wall system complies fully with building regulations BS 5628-3:2001
Part A Cavity trays over cavity bridges.
Part A Cavity trays at roof abutments.

For further information or a no obligation quotation please contact Mr. M. Hamer LCGI. T.eng. on 01204 883867

Installations are carried out throughout the UK and Europe

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